Marlene Young has long possessed a personal passion for music and notes that it stirs the soul in a mighty way. She can identify very personally with the adage that “for heights and depths that words can’t reach, music is the soul’s own speech.” Marlene notes that music has always been a close companion that has left her with a glad heart in the joyous times of life as well as providing a source of comfort and solace in the valleys of life. She believes that music is a divine gift from God and as such, it is best used to glorify the Almighty. That is the primary mission of her music.

As you listen to Marlene’s recordings, you will find many familiar melodies and some not so familiar. She hopes the recordings might cause you to reflect on the treasures of your own life and in so doing, it is her most fervent hope that her interpretations of these beautiful numbers might be a blessing to you.

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